Bespoke Cakes

What Are Bespoke Cakes?

Have you ever heard the term bespoke cakes? Bespoke cakes are cakes that are custom made, to the specifications of the customer. If you want a cake that is tailor made to order, then you want to order bespoke cakes.
The term bespoke comes from many decades ago, when all things were made by hand. There were no factories churning out clothes that all looked the same. Everything was made by hand for the individual. When factories began making things en masse, the term bespoke came into existence because people could still order custom items like dresses. They will tell the dressmaker what they wanted and the dressmaker would make the garment to order. Bespoke cakes are very similar. You tell the cake artist what you want, and they make the cake to order. Bespoke cakes are custom cakes that are made to your personal specifications.