What happens during a Wedding Cake Tasting and Consultation?

During the Tasting Consultation we will cover these main topics:

Themes & Style -  Mood Board and Color Palette  -  Flavour, Structure and other Details 

I encourage couples to begin by collecting imagery not of other wedding cakes, rather of favourite works of art, fashion, architecture, music and special themes in their relationship. During the Tasting Consultation we will review these themes. 

I work closely with stylists, florist and venue managers so that your wedding cake will not be hidden away and rolled out for a brief moment before it meets the knife, rather ensure it is delicately integrated into the entire mood of the event. 

If you have already defined a mood board with your wedding stylist, please bring that with you to the Tasting Consultation. If you do not have a wedding stylist or an established mood board, we will create a mood board and color palette for the cake. 

During the Tasting Consultation we will also define the structure of the cake and finally the flavors. 

We will consider the time of year your wedding is taking place and close with the finite details about delivery and the service process

Interested in booking a Wedding Cake Tasting and Consultation?

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We will talk about your love story, the engagement and themes in your relationship. 

We will review the style of your Wedding.

With the above information, we will define a mood board and color palette. If it already exists, even better

Choose a flavor and the structure of your cake. How many tiers? Square or round? Finally, we will review delivery and day of activities. 

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