“Be fearlessly authentic.” 

Sometimes viewed as just a mere blob of flour, eggs and sugar and constructed according to the pressure of status quo, It’s sad to me that a wedding cake is underestimated, overlooked, or worse, recognised as something from a commercial bakery.

Often viewed as separate from the overall wedding, floating off on a lonely refrigerated island all by itself until it comes time to cut it and eat it.  
I want to break this ethos.

I do this by not merely creating cakes from my own style and ideas, rather by visually integrating a couples' love story into their wedding cake, as well and ensuring it ties in harmoniously with the overall wedding style. It is my firm conviction that great weddings are the ones reflective of the couples lives together at that point in time. A beautifully styled wedding that is authentically matched, should render the overall feeling of them as a couple pouring out from the very beginning of the wedding, right through to and including the cake. 

A Cake Story wedding cake will not be hidden away and rolled out for a brief moment before it meets the knife.

It is delicately integrated in the entire style of the event.

This is why I include in my services complete coordination with stylists, florist and venue managers.

These relationships are key to me, and why I spend the bulk of my time building relationships with industry stakeholders.

I don’t subscribe to silo mentality. Building these relationships brings the best results for couples. There is so much to learn and so much creative sharing that happens. Collaborating with all aspects of a wedding renders the max benefits for their special day. 

That’s my goal for my clients.

When I'm commissioned to design a wedding cake, I encourage couples to begin by collecting imagery not of other wedding cakes, rather of favourite works of art, fashion, architecture, music, special themes in their relationship. 

This process will serve as a guide to finding a design that is authentic to themselves, as opposed to being clouded with cake trends or cakes seen reproduced over and over again.  

With this valuable information I then forge into reality a design that remains authentic to their story... their cake story.


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