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Preserving Artistic Integrity: A Call against Uncredited Imitation

Subject: Appropriating the art while undermining the original artist.

Some of you might find yourselves uneasy while reading this; well, if the shoe seems to be fitting a bit snugly, it's time to lace up and confront the discomfort.

I find myself compelled to address a distressing trend that strikes at the heart of artistic integrity: my meticulously developed cake designs are not only pilfered but shamelessly repackaged and presented by others as their own.

Let me say it more clearly: I am talking to the individual(s) who are copying my work and pretending they're the brains behind it.

I see you.

The audacity reaches new heights when these imitators, buoyed by inflated follower counts, claim dubious ownership over styles, techniques, and methods meticulously honed through my own journey of research and development.

What exacerbates this offense is the audacity to offer classes, claiming to teach these stolen methods - an affront not only to me but to the sanctity of artistic creation.

We see you.

Are you new here?

This community is small.

We all recognize original work.

We know their DNA.

We recognize styles and their owners.

So, it’s comical to me that there is no shame in not only ripping off signature styles but also attempting to teach them?!

The audacity is soaked in PRIVILEGE.

Our microcosm community has not turned a blind eye to this unsettling trend. Daily, messages flood my DMs, offering undeniable evidence of my designs replicated without credit or acknowledgment.

The smallness of our artistic community ensures that such acts do not go unnoticed, and the voices that have rallied behind me speak volumes.

I am fully aware that the moral compass of those who exploit others' work for personal gain seems skewed beyond redemption, making dialogue utterly futile, which is why I write this blog post:

This blog post is my way of setting the record straight – the techniques depicted below are mine, crafted by me, my signature, my designs.

Not yours.

You didn't stumble across them arbitrarily, you were inspired.

Just admit it.

My unique style is the result of my hard work, and no amount of scrutiny of my Instagram/Pinterest posts or close inspection of my IG Reels will reveal the secrets to my techniques. (I intentionally leave those out.)

So no matter how hard one studies my content, they won't truly get it unless they have learned from me directly.

This post is a reminder that copying without credit messes with the real essence of making art.

As a community, we must respect where ideas come from, and demand the credit that every artist – including cake artists like me – deserves.

In anticipation of the launch of my online tutorial, I am confronted with a disheartening reality within our community – a lack of respect when it comes to copying and profiting from acquired skills.

It's unnerving to witness individuals learning techniques, only to later claim them as their own and make their own tutorials.

Artistic appropriation at its finest.


This level of disrespect is not only disappointing but also downright repulsive. To me, it serves as a deterrent to launching my tutorial, as some seem to have the misguided belief that purchasing a tutorial grants them ownership of the techniques and can be eventually sold as their own. This practice is something I find utterly intolerable.

I refuse to succumb to the bullying tactics prevalent in this community, where certain individuals feel entitled to plagiarize, colonize, and appropriate work.

This is 2023. Not 1492.

I am unwavering in my commitment to defend my work and the principles of artistic integrity.

To be clear: giving credit is non-negotiable. Whether you find inspiration in a fraction of someone's work, alter the medium, change the direction of a twist, or embellish it with additional little twigs or gold leaves, it doesn't matter.

Credit must be given, unequivocally and consistently, in every post across platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

To claim a design / technique / method as your own and refusing to acknowledge inspo source creates a hostile environment, hindering artists like me from freely sharing our work, knowing that there are those who will exploit and scavenge without proper citation.

Respect for the source of inspiration is paramount. It's a simple act that fosters a community of integrity, allowing each artist to flourish and contribute without fear of exploitation.

And to those who still choose to turn a blind eye to these principles, I have a message for you:

Attempting to profit from my artistic authenticity and hard work won't go unnoticed.

I will publicly call out those who engage in such practices.

Let this be a call to action for everyone in our community to stand against artistic theft and support each other's creative endeavors.

Together, we can build a community that thrives on respect, integrity, and the celebration of genuine artistic expression.


The pictures you see below showcase specific techniques and methods that are unique to A Cake Story – they're my creations.

These images aren't just random; they represent the distinctive results of my creative process.

If you've incorporated any of these techniques into your work, it's a clear sign that you've been inspired by what I've pioneered.

In such cases, giving credit isn't just a nice thing to do; it's a sign that you understand the artists code. You understand that it's not about ego, it's all about creating an environment of openness, respect, and shared growth in our artistic community.

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