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My name is Olivia Francesca and I am the artist behind A Cake Story, the product designer of the ACS Cake Design Tools and owner of the ACS Academy for Cake Art & Design.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland and specialize statement wedding Cake Art. I also develop Cake Design Tools and Tutorials and travel worldwide for Styled Shoots, Workshops and Day-Of Wedding Coordination. 

My choice medium for creating ephemeral art is fondant / sugar paste. Sculpting movement and expression out of fondant is how I am able to speak the language of art and tell stories of human emotion.  

I draw inspiration from nature, fashion, sculptures, pottery and architecture. I love to challenge norms, break rules and rediscover ways to make avant-garde statement Cake Art. 

If you are a rebel, wild spirit, a pathfinder, not afraid to challenge the status quo and are looking for a source of inspiration to elevate your Cake Art, then you are at the right place. Welcome. 

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