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Wedding Day Coordination


A day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for managing the wedding day. They make sure the wedding day or weekend is executed according to how it was planned. The tasks includes overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and overcoming any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities. 

Why would I hire a Wedding Day Coordinator?

Perhaps you do not want to hire a wedding planner because you want to experience the process of planning your own wedding. As your Wedding Day Coordinator, we meet a few months before the wedding to discuss all that you have planned and the timeline.

My role is to liaise with the onsite service providers, the venue, and the guests to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly, and that you're able to enjoy the day without feeling stressed out. I am here to manage the day, so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience has proven time and time again that no matter the planning, unexpected bumps will happen!


The last thing you want to do as you are sitting in hair and makeup or enjoying a pre-celebratory beverage with your friends and loved ones is to chase a DJ running late, or find a chair for the violinist, or direct the guests to move into the terrasse.

You might think that your bridesmaids or sister in law can do this, but once again, experience has proven time and time again this to be a dangerously flawed expectation. After all they too want to enjoy the festivities.

Additionally flawed thinking is that the hotel/venue staff will manage your day; they will not.

Hotel, Restaurant and Resort staff are only responsible for the food and beverage and the banquet facilities.

They will not chase a late DJ, monitor the timeline of the photoshoots or ensure the guests move from one end to the next. These tasks are not part of their mandate. 

Hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator is a sure fit way to ensure all your hard planning and work will provide for wonderful memories.


My services run on a hourly basis usually amounting to roughly a total of 40 hours.  That includes the 1:1/zoom calls and emails, to the actual day.  

With over 20 years of experience working in luxury hotels, fine dining, and project management, I have worked large scale weddings all across Switzerland and the USA at luxury locations such as The Buergenstock Lucerne, The Dolder Grand Zurich, The Reithalle in Basel, the PGA National Resort and Spa, Florida, Café Boulud and The Brazilian Court on Palm Beach, Florida. 

I have built trustworthy relationships with dozens of wedding service providers and venue management in Switzerland so that your wedding day will be filled with fond memories - stress free. 

Reach out for a more detailed quote!

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Day Coordinator?

A Wedding Planner plans the wedding A - Z.

They plan all aspects of the wedding in terms of sourcing / collaborating with service providers/ vendors, site scouting, creation / maintenance of the timeline, or commonly known as the "Run-down".

Most of the time the Wedding Planner also manages the day of the wedding with a team of day-of coordinators, or commonly known as "DOC's"


A Wedding Day Coordinator manages the day of the wedding.

Everything that was planned either by the couple or a Wedding Planner is coordinated by the Wedding Day Coordinator.

A Wedding Day Coordinator is needed when the couple choose to plan the wedding independently but need someone to manage the day since.. well.. they are busy actually enjoying their wedding day.


A Wedding Day Coordinator will typically begin meetings one - two months prior to the Wedding Day and be fully briefed on the entire Wedding Day and the "Run-Down". The Wedding Day Coordinator will then assume the role as manager for the day so that the couple and the wedding party can enjoy the day without being boggled with logistics, glitches and/or other issues. A professional Wedding Day Coordinator has years of experience and is well versed in the the DNA of a wedding and can navigate problems, risks and communication with professional ease. A master Wedding Day Coordinator does all this without the couple experiencing any of the stress.


Can't a couples brides maid / grooms men do this role?

My quick answer is no.

With hundreds of weddings experience I have yet to see this work out. Even the tightest of friendships buckle under this pressure.

The wedding day is a highly emotional day and the parties involved are equally charged under a lot of emotions and pressure. Adding the management of vendors, logistics, and a complex timeline guarantees miscommunication, riffs and tension to happen on a day that is supposed to be joyful. Do not put that kind of pressure on yourself or your dear friendships.


Another Expense! No Thanks!

A Wedding Day Coordinator is not as expensive as it may seem and is usually one of the smallest wedding expenditures as the Wedding Day Coordinator works on a hourly basis and spends about 40 hours in the role.

The value however of having a professional Wedding Day Coordinator manage your special day is priceless.

Reach out for a more detailed quote!


Wedding Day Coordinator Package:


  • Site / Venue Visitation 

  • Briefing Meetings (in person or remotely

  • Creation / Distribution of Rundown

  • Timeline Management 

  • Point Lead for all Enquiries 

  • All Vendor Relations

  • Venue / Location Relations

  • Wedding Party Management

  • Manage Guest movement 

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