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Introduction to the ACS Method of Cake Art

Step into a new era of elegance and innovation with a revolutionary approach that breaks the mold of conventional sugar paste art.

Join me on a comprehensive journey, where I unveil every tool, material, and technique I use to create my work. From the initial concept to the final masterpiece, I’ll guide you through a detailed, step-by-step process.

I’ll share my precise workflow, giving you an inside look at how I approach each project, ensuring that you not only master the technical aspects but also develop the artistic intuition needed to create modern, clean & sleek fondant sugar paste cake designs. 

The online tutorial is available exclusively here on A Cake Story Academy.

ACS Academy has experience some unexpected delays and is working hard to produce the tutorial!

Please keep an eye on this space for updates on when this learning opportunity becomes accessible to you online.


1/ Expand Your Portfolio

Elevate your skills and expand your portfolio. Add the ACS Method to your arsenal, showcasing your versatility and mastery in sugar paste cake artistry.

2 / Clean, Smooth, Matte Texture 

Discover my unconventional secret to achieving minimalistic, sleek, modern sugar paste cake designs; clean, smooth and velvety textures. No more flaccid, saggy, lumpy or bumpy surfaces.  

3/ The Secret behind 'The Soul' 

Uncover the closely guarded secrets behind my method – the very technique that brought 'The Soul' cake design into the limelight.

4 / Workflow

The ACS workflow to creating sleek, modern and minimalistic cake designs with sugar paste. Learn the tricks I use to tackle all types of weather, how to work with color and incorporating smarter workflows to maximize efficiency.

4 / Master Challenges 

Gain expertise in using my unconventional method and techniques for managing various climates, ensuring your cake art remains flawless from creation to reception with real-time demonstrations that will ignite your creativity.  

5 / Packaging, Transport & Setting Up

I'll guide you through the essential techniques for safely packing, transporting, and assembling your cakes, ensuring they reach their destination. I'll show you how to master the art of setting up your cake art elegantly at any venue.

About the Instructor

Olivia, Cake Artist

As a minimalist artist, I thrive on pushing boundaries and defying conventions, quietly.
I embrace the essence of simplicity and invite you to discover the profound beauty of what is often not seen or said.
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