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  • What is 'A Cake Story' ?
    A Cake Story is based in Zurich, Switzerland and: 1. Creates elaborate Statement Wedding Cake Art for luxury weddings. * to get in contact, click here 2. Offers Day-Of Wedding Day Coordination * to get in contact, click here 3. Develops and sells Cake Design Tools via ACS Shop 4. Develops Cake Art tutorials via ACS Academy 5. Travels worldwide for Styled Shoots, Tutorials and Workshops * to get in contact, click here 6. A Resource Guide of Preferred Wedding Service Providers in Switzerland
  • How much does a Wedding Cake cost at 'A Cake Story'?
    Price range for ACS Wedding Cakes is between CHF 900 - CHF 10'000 As you can see, that is quite a range and really depends on many factors not withstanding the most important: What is your desire? Before you enquiry about detailed pricing, please ask yourselves these important questions: Do you have a set date and venue? How important is the Wedding Cake to the two of you? What size do you want? (small, medium, large, grand) What is our wedding cake budget? It is important to understand that A Cake Story will not take an image of another cake and recreate it. A Cake Story specializes in exclusive Statement Wedding Cake Art installations that are custom-designed to aesthetically match your personality and wedding style. A Cake Story Wedding Cakes are drama, show and statement. Pomp, display and exuberance. If in your minds eye, all you seek is something "simple" like a naked-cake with cascading florals on a wooden tree platter, then A Cake Story is not the right match. A Cake Story Wedding Cake is essentially an Art Commission. You are commissioning an artist to create your wedding cake. A Cake Story works exclusively with professional Wedding Planners and Stylists, so if you feel this is a match, I welcome the opportunity to have a preliminary call to discuss further. A detailed quote can only be provided once all the information needed about the wedding style, the location and expectations has been fully understood. You or your Wedding Planners / Stylist may submit a Collaboration Enquiry to arrange for this preliminary call.
  • How do I order a Wedding Cake?
    Quotes are only provided after an initial conversation. These usually take place via Zoom or Teams. During this initial conversation we discuss your requirements and assess how our services align with your vision. You should begin the enquiry process one year to six months before your wedding. Keep in mind popular dates fill up fast. In order to begin the process of enquiry with A Cake Story it is necessary to have the following defined: A secured venue and confirmed the wedding date. This ensures that effective planning and preparation for your special day. Booking is contingent upon the availability of both our services and your chosen event date and location A defined Wedding Cake Budget. As mentioned in the previous Q&A, A Cake Story pricing ranges anywhere between CHF. 900 - 10'000. This all depends on the desired grandiosity of the cake, the location and time of year. You should have an idea of the size and statement you'd like in terms of cake. Please be very upfront with your cake budget and your desires. Here are some Do's and Don'ts: Do's 1. Do Look at ACS's Portfolio: Review ACS's portfolio to ensure the artistic style and previous work aligns with your vision for your wedding cake. 2. Know Your Budget and Priorities: Determine your budget for the wedding cake and how important it is to you in the overall wedding expenses. Please be very open and transparent when first contacting A Cake Story. You will not be strong-armed into ordering your cake through ACS, rather we need to establish if it's a match. 3. Have a defined Wedding Mood-Board: By the time you are ready to select a wedding cake artist, you should have a defined theme for your wedding. Your wedding stylists (floral designers or wedding planner) should have an established mood-board. A wedding mood-board is a visual representation or collage that encapsulates the desired aesthetic, style, and overall atmosphere for a wedding. It typically consists of a curated collection of images, colors, textures, and other elements that convey the intended look and feel of the wedding. The purpose of a wedding mood-board is to provide inspiration and guidance for various aspects of the wedding planning process, such as decor, flowers, attire, and overall theme. A Cake Story will study your mood-board and use it in the planning of your custom wedding cake design. Visual inspiration that serves ACS in the design process of your wedding cake plays out in the form of expressions that the couple are aesthetically drawn to. For example: floral art, fashion, architecture, textures, artistic expressions (baroque, minimalism, romantic, ethereal) Don'ts: 1. Don't Ask to Copy Work: Avoid requesting a copy of another cake. Wedding cake artists thrive when given creative freedom. Instead, trust their skills to custom-create a cake tailored to your wedding aesthetic. 2. Don't Underestimate the Complexity: Understand that a wedding cake is not just cake; it's a work of art that requires skill and precision. Professional wedding cake artists skillfully navigate the complexities of internal structures, ensuring stability during transport and display. ACS's expertise extends to understanding temperature dangers, selecting suitable mediums based on climate, and executing precise cake cutting techniques. These intricacies underscore the invaluable skill set that we are trained in. 3. Don't Be Afraid to Try Something Different: Don't be overly conservative in your cake choices. Be open to unique and innovative ideas suggested by the cake artist. Their creativity can lead to a stunning and memorable cake design. These guidelines will help you have a positive experience when hiring A Cake Story as your wedding cake artist and ensure you get a cake that aligns with your vision and budget.
  • What goes into the wedding cake pricing calculation:
    A Cake Story Wedding Cake pricing reflects the meticulous craftsmanship, use of quality ingredients, and artistic expertise that goes into creating wedding cake art. Here's how it's calculated: 1. Ingredients and Materials: We source premium ingredients and materials, ensuring the highest quality for your cake. This includes fresh, top-grade ingredients, specialty decorations, and any additional elements required for your specific design. 2. Energy Usage: The baking and decorating process involves the use of energy-intensive ovens and equipment, and we factor in the associated energy costs. 3. Design Requirements: Unique and intricate designs often require additional time and materials. If your design calls for special tools, molds, or unique decorations, these are factored into the pricing. 4. Time Spent: Crafting a custom wedding cake is a labor-intensive process, and I invest hours of meticulous work into each cake, from baking to decorating, ensuring perfection. 5. Experience and Craftsmanship: My expertise and craftsmanship are unparalleled. Years of experience and dedication to the art of cake design contribute to the value of your cake. 6. Skill and Artistry: Crafting a wedding cake is an art form, and I use my creativity and precision to bring your vision to life, resulting in a unique and stunning masterpiece. 7. Delivery / Set Up: Please take into account that A Cake Story Wedding Cakes are large scale, weighing quite heavy and are extremely fragile. A Cake Story has delivered hundreds of wedding cakes over the years from the Alpine winding roads of Gstaad to the deserts of Morocco. Delivery is not for the faint of heart and requires precision, skill and experience. Delivery of your wedding cake is never outsourced nor can a pickup be arranged. Your Wedding Cake art work will be delivered to the venue, professionally set up and secured for a flawless grand entrance. This is also reflected in the pricing. A Cake Story believes that a wedding cake is more than just eggs, butter, and flour; it's a work of art and A Cake Story is a professional wedding cake studio. Pricing reflects the experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence ensuring your wedding cake is a sublime experience.
  • Does ACS deliver the Cake Art?
    Yes. Always. Due to the fragility of the Cake Art, A Cake Story always delivers personally. This is never outsourced, nor is it possible to coordinate a pickup.
  • What is Ephemeral Art?
    Ephemeral Art is a work of art that only is designed to be temporary or short-lived and cannot be embodied in any lasting object. A statement wedding cake by A Cake Story is a commissioned work of art that is ephemeral.
  • Can I copy your Cake Art?
    Provided you give credit to A Cake Story as the source of your inspiration, you may use my work as inspiration for your work. If you feel inspired by my work and use the techniques, methods, and/or style you must give credit. Ideally, asking for permission in advance, especially if you plan on copying my art 1:1. Please always use ACS's Instagram handle as the crediting source: Technique inspired by @a_cake_story_ Design inspired by @a_cake_story_ Crediting must be clearly stated in the captions and not in the comments sections. Even in Cake Art exists a code of ethics: Plagiarism is presenting someone else's work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. Plagiarism is a type of intellectual theft. Plagiarism can take many forms, from deliberate cheating to accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgement. Consequently, whenever you use the words or ideas of another person in your work, you must acknowledge where they came from. This counts for any and all methods taught or demonstrated as well as the captions used or any written text on any A Cake Story platforms. Doing so will not only normalize the crediting of inspo source amongst Cake Artists and Cake Decorators, but also elevate the integrity and professionalism in our industry.
  • What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Day Coordinator?
    A Wedding Planner plans the wedding A - Z. They plan all aspects of the wedding in terms of sourcing / collaborating with service providers/ vendors, site scouting, and creation / maintenance of the timeline, or commonly known as the "Run-down". Most of the time the Wedding Planner also manages the day of the wedding with a team of day-of coordinators, or commonly known as "DOC's" A Wedding Day Coordinator manages the day of the wedding. Everything that was planned either by the couple or a Wedding Planner is coordinated by the Wedding Day Coordinator. A Wedding Day Coordinator is needed when the couple choose to plan the wedding independently but need someone to manage the day since.. well.. they are busy actually enjoying their wedding day. A Wedding Day Coordinator will typically meet one month prior to the Wedding Day and be fully briefed on the entire Wedding Day and the "Run-Down". The Wedding Day Coordinator will then assume the role as manager for the day so that the couple and the wedding party can enjoy the day without being boggled with logistics, glitches and/or other issues. A professional Wedding Day Coordinator has years of experience and is well versed in the the DNA of a wedding and can navigate problems, risks and communication with professional ease. A master Wedding Day Coordinator does all this without the couple experiencing any of the stress. Can't a couples brides maid / grooms men do this role? My quick answer is no. With hundreds of weddings experience I have yet to see this work out. Even the tightest of friendships buckle under this pressure. The wedding day is a highly emotional day and the parties involved are equally charged under a lot of emotions and pressure. Adding the management of vendors, logistics, and a complex timeline guarantees miscommunication, riffs and tension to happen on a day that is supposed to be joyful. Do not put that kind of pressure on yourself or your dear friendships. Another Expense! No Thanks! A Wedding Day Coordinator is not as expensive as it may seem and is usually one of the smallest wedding expenditures as the Wedding Day Coordinator works on a hourly basis and spends an average of 20-40 hours in the role. The value however of having a professional Wedding Day Coordinator manage your special day is priceless.
  • Can you recommend a Wedding Planner or Wedding Stylist?
    A Cake Story works exclusively with professional Wedding Planners and/or Stylists and invests a lot of time building professional relationships with key industry stakeholders. A result of these collaborations can be seen in the Resource Guide of Preferred Wedding Service Providers. Take a look at my preferred partners list for a list of highly recommended professionals who are skilled and experienced in Wedding Planning and Styling.
  • Does ACS sign NDAs for exclusive weddings?
    Yes. ACS frequently covers exclusive high-end weddings for couples who do not want their wedding publicized in the media or shared on social media. Wedding Planners / Stylist may send the client's NDA for review. Please note for exclusivity rights to cake designs a fee may be applied.
  • Does ACS do commissions for Elopements?
    No, ACS does not. A Cake Story specializes in elaborate statement Cake Art pieces. Past experience has proven that these art pieces are not suitable for Elopements.
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