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Exclusive Workshop for Professional Pastry Chefs

Elevate Your Craft with ACS Academy's Exclusive Modern Wedding Cake Design Workshops for Professional Pastry Chefs.

Are you an accomplished pastry chef operating in the realm of five-star establishments, driven by an unyielding passion for the pinnacle of your craft? ACS Academy extends an exclusive invitation to further refine your artistry through private workshops, dedicated to the ACS Method of Wedding Cake Art & Design.

About the Instructor, Olivia 

The ACS Advantage for Culinary Excellence

ACS Academy understands that as a seasoned pastry chef, you already possess a strong foundation in the art of pastry making. The ACS Academy Workshop for Professionals is tailored specifically for professionals like you who are seeking to refine their craft and delve into the world of modern wedding cake design. The workshops cater to culinary professionals of your caliber, offering a bespoke journey into the avant-garde world of contemporary wedding cake design. ACS Academy workshops are crafted to enhance your existing expertise, ensuring your time with the ACS Academy is nothing short of transformative.


Cutting-Edge Techniques in the  ACS method of Cake Art

Focus on the latest trends and techniques in modern wedding cake design, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the industry. Delve into the secrets of the ACS Method of Wedding Cake Art & Design and create show stopping Wedding Cake Art for your portfolio and exclusive clientele. 


Hands-On Excellence

No passive observation here. Expect to be a maestro of innovation through immersive, hands-on sessions, putting theory into remarkable practice. The workshops are highly interactive, allowing you to hone your skills through practical, real-world applications.


Flexibility Aligned to You - ACS comes to you.

Your schedule is of the essence. Thus, we offer flexible workshop dates, attuned to your convenience and commitments. The workshop is designed to be held at the participant’s place of work, ensuring that the training aligns with your specific environment and requirements.


The ACS Academy Certification

Upon successful completion, you'll be conferred with the ACS Academy certification in the ACS Method of Wedding Cake Art & Design, a testament to your expertise in the nuanced field of modern wedding cake art.

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Don't just create wedding cakes; create unforgettable masterpieces that leave a lasting impression. Join ACS Academy's private workshops today and elevate your career to new heights.

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