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CakeTiles™ by ACS

Inspired by decorative tilework and tile art used in architecture, CakeTiles by ACS allow you to create seamless, sleek and modern designs.


CakeTiles can be used to impress seamless patterns onto an entire fondat panel for a square or round cake or use just as a single extraction.​

Whether it's a sophisticated wedding cake, a modern or a contemporary design for a fun themed cake, CakeTiles by ACS allow for endless design possibilities were only your creativity is the limit.

​​Each CakeTile comes with it's own storage protection pouch.

Order individualy or choose the bundle option to get all three CakeTile patterns.

CakeTiles™ by ACS

PriceFrom CHF24.90
  • Made of GreenTEC material; a biopolymers and approved by the FDA, REACH and RoHS standards.​

    Do not soak in water. Do not expose to heat exceeding 50°C (122°F)​



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