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florist & design

Tabea Bluetenfabrik.jpg


Free Spirited, Tabea from Bluetenfabrik is a wonderful, reliable and creative person to work with. Her work is pure passion. 


My Awina

Specialising in both Florals & Concept Design, this power house duo are the best of the best. Working with them is extraordinary. 


Tabea Maria-Lisa

TML pays great attention to all the little details that make the difference. With her floral designs she witness love without any words and maintains the beauty life holds for everyone

Karin Mani.webp

Karin Mani

Mit Ihre Kreativität, Erfahrung und Wissen in Floristik und Raumgestaltung erschafft Karin eine aussergewöhnliche Atmosphäre.


LaLe Love

Dejana is an absolute master in her craft. Couples looking for modern, minimalistic and sleek designs must work with LaLeLove. 

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