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"I love you to the mountain and back"... An Alpine Wedding in Bivio Switzerland

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Deep in the heart of Graubünden, in the south west part of Switzerland, you’ll come across a tiny mountain village with a huge heart: Bivio.

The name Bivio means "parting of the ways" - one could assume this is because Bivio is located on the roads to the Julier and Septimer pass? Or maybe because it's a small, relatively remote Swiss ski resort on the road between the grand and glamourous Lenzerheide and St Moritz? ..

But I would be inclined to think that when you spend just a few days nestled in the warmth of her charm, you part ways with the clutter and noise of the world. Bivio is a place you come to cleanse your soul.. and in this very special case.. To have an intimate alpine wedding.

I had the incredible honor and privilege to create a wedding cake for this couple who not only spent most of their lives vacationing in this tiny village, but who also continued to return as adults.

A couple whose love of the mountains, especially during the magical autumn season, celebrated their Boho Rustic Alpine Wedding with one very special quote:

"I love you to the mountain a back"

I travelled to this tiny village on that beautiful October 2020 weekend and stayed a night at the Post Hotel just a stone's throw from the Hotel Solaria where the wedding was being held.

Quaint, cozy and fulfilling all the quintessential expectations of a Swiss alpine destination, Hotel Solaria is a family run hotel with a dynamic sibling duo running the front lines. It did not take long for me to feel incredibly welcomed as an outside service provider. An affection often not extended by many hotels and resorts.

The owner's son took me on a tour of the property and invited me to the kitchen where I met a passionate Italian chef who proudly invited me to taste his Autumn inspired tiramisu.

Hints of cinnamon, followed by a warm embrace of the immediate distinguishable notes of Calvados, my ear-to-ear smile needed no translation.

With a ten year career in hospitality, I have been to many kitchens and seen many back-of-house locations, I can say with complete certitude, despite its remote location, Hotel Solaria has all the professional and culinary clout of a five star resort, minus the pretention.

Here is a piece of advice I want to extend to anyone wanting an alpine rustic wedding in Switzerland.. The big fancy well known hotels and resorts are great.. but take time to discover the diamonds-in-the-roughs'.. Hotel Solaria is a bijoux worth considering for couples who want charm and authenticity, excellent service and culinary aptitude, minus the heavy price tag and noise.

The couples mood board consisted of an autumn inspired color palette, rustic boho florals accented with a collection of pheasant feathers and macramé décor hand made by the very talented and creative bride. Reflected in the stationary and invitations, the mountains played a central theme to the wedding.

For their florals, the couple chose the talent and services of Tabea from Blueten Fabrik, and for the stationary, Nina Ruchti Atelier 8048 - and obviously yours truly for the cake.

For the cake design, I studied the invitations, and worked closely with Tabea from Blueten Fabrik to ensure a streamlined look and feel.

I wanted to incorporate some sacred geometry into the cakes décor and had a local blacksmith handcraft a tetrahedron.

Mountain-like in its geometric form, I placed the cake in the center of the tetrahedron, which served as a symbolic connection of earth to the heavens..

for the special soul who was watching from above as this young couple celebrated their union.

A symbolic meaning, meant to be sacred and private for the couple.

The bride and grooms' love of the fall season and their choice to go with the pumpkin spice cake, I also took a collection of locally grown pumpkins, combined them with florals and feathers provided by Tabea, we completed the boho autumn rustic vibe..

After I was finished setting up the cake and reviewing the procedure with the event manager, I retreated to my hotel room at the neighboring Hotel Post. I was gazing out my window as the seasons first snow began to fall. Thinking about the couple, hoping they are having a beautiful day, when suddenly they came rushing down the street on their way to their ceremony venue,

the photographer in tow clicking away on his camera..

Normally I don't see my couples on their big day.. I just deliver the cake, talk to the staff and make sure everything is chilled and which after I quietly go away, until the morning when I go and pack up the décor material head back home.

There they were! Passing right underneath my hotel window! The bride, gorgeous in her flowing white dress and the groom beaming with pride as he held his soon to be wife’s hand.. We saw each other and immediately squeaked with joy.

Did my eyes tear up with joy? Absolutely. When you spend so much time in advance with a couple, they grow on you. I knew their love story (a truly remarkable story that tugs at your heart strings).. to see them so happy, on this highly anticipated day, was just so overwhelming and powerful. After a few air kisses and air hugs, they fluttered off around the corner and into their future.

My time with them as their cake designer was over. That thought made me a little sad, as I truly have deep affection for those two.

And then I had a thought.. indeed Bivio represents a “parting of the ways”- But in the most purest and wholesome sense possible.


If you ever get a chance to visit Bivio, you must book your stay at the Hotel Solaria, a family owned bijou hotel where you will not only be treated with incredible warmth and hospitality, but also sent on a culinary tour of the most amazing traditional regional dishes..

Huge thanks to this very special couple Valerie & Daniel


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