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Moonstruck - Intimate Micro Weddings in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

«Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope»

We are now in a time where large weddings are tentatively cancelled, but love is not cancelled.

So, when our reality demands us to, we must do what we have always done .. we adapt!

As we merge deeper into a new normal of social distancing, I am finding that my new favorite is the micro wedding.. intimate gatherings where less is so much more..

less people - more flowers..

more time to take beautiful pictures..

more time to gaze into each other’s eyes..

and time that doesn’t go by so quick that you forget to enjoy the cake..

We put together these style shootings to inspire and demonstrate all the possibilities couples have to celebrate their special day despite the current circumstances.

All around Switzerland one can find these amazing bijou locations that render the most magical wedding venues.. Held in the courtyard of this castle under the light of the full blue moon and the creative direction of @nicolepleaseweddings and the courtyard of the Schloss Prattle in Basel was converted into a stunning intimate affair rendering Sevilla boho vibes with earthy romantic tones parlayed against a weathered stone fortress backdrop, opening up her gates for an intimate evening affair.

For the cake design, I became lost in observing earthy, hand sculpted terracotta pottery .. obsessing over the dusty mat surface and wobbly hollowing sound they make as they reflect the glow of an Andalusian sunset. I created this "Moon Goddess" cake knowing the moon would swell to her fullest on the night this cake was to make her grand entrance.

If you are looking to downsize your wedding day, but still want to celebrate in style, simply reach out to any of these creative providers and let your special day be a testament that through the power of love, we conquer all.

Special Thanks to:

Concept, Design & Planning @nicolepleaseweddings

Concept & Photographer

Florist @myawina

Wedding Dress @galialahav & Cape @jesuspeiroofficial both from @zoro.zurich

Wedding Suit @guglielmogofficial with Accessories from @zoro.zurich

Bling Mask @beyonddiamonds

Accessories @floramazona & @animazul

Tableware @tautahome

Special discounts for your wedding cake when you book services with either of these partners.

A special thanks to the beautiful couple

Location: Schloss Prattlen in Basel, Switzerland

Interested in booking a Cake Tasting & Consultation for your Fall 2021 Wedding?

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